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Times 1000 Words To Talk About (Revised Edition)

Author : Kathleen Chia
Publisher : Earlybird
Categroy : English
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৳ 250

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Author: Kathleen Chia

Publisher: Earlybird

Print: Local

Paperback: 104 Pages

Customer Reviews

Young children enjoy seeing other children involved in the same activities that occupy their everyday lives; they find it comforting and reassuring.Times 1000 Words to Talk About is full of exciting and colourful pictures about variety of familiar situations, designed to stimulate your child to talk.* From a typical school day to various weekend activities, this story of a family and the people around them will encourage young children to talk, comment and question, extending their vocabulary in an easy and natural way. * Suggested questions are provided to guide your child's exploration of the pictures, as well as to help you both have meaningful discussions. * Hands-on activities and thinking questions provide your child with more ways to enjoy this book.This all-time favourite will provide your child and you with many hours of fun together!

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