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10 Stories From Shakespeare

Publisher : Federal
Categroy : English
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Author:  Margaret Naudi

Publisher: Federal

Print: Local Print

Paperback: 112 Pages

ISBN: 981-01-9084-0

Customer Reviews

10 Stories from Shakespeare is specially written for lower secondary students.The book contains a carefully selected compilation of William Shakespeare's most famous
plays, retold in story form.Written with close attention to detail and textual accuracy, these lively stories capture the spirit of the original plays and provide the younger reader with an enjoyableintroduction to the complex and profoundly moving universe inhabiting Shakespeare's dramatic works.The plays that have been included have been chosen from a cross- section of genres,ranging from the comic humour and light-hearted romances of Twelfth Night, As You Like it and A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which mistaken identities play a part and the fairy world is intertwined with that of mere mortals; through the more sombre romances of Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale, where more serious themes are treated; and to the dark tragedies of great yet flawed heroes in Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Hamlet and King Lear. The plays hold a mirror to our own world, We see the full range of human emotions displayed: greed, passion, selfless love, pain, grief, joy, envy, ambition, hatred . . . and are challenged to know ourselves and our world a little better.The use of modern English in each of these tales ensures that accessibility to the texts is not sacrificed while the interesting range of exercises and activities that accompany each story are intended not only to help students towards a fuller appreciation and understanding of the relevance of drama and of Shakespeare in their lives, but are are also designed to help them develop a critical mind and an informed personal response to the works 10 Stories from Shakespeare will certainly be useful in providing suudents of English iterature with a good foundation for the further study of Shakespeare's plays. May
t mark the beginning of a lifelong adventure in learning about one of the major

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