Russian state institute introduces Bangla textbook

Russian state institute introduces Bangla textbook

Moscow State Institute of International Relations has published a textbook in Bangla on the occasion of International Mother Language Day.

According to a press release, issued on February 21, the textbook titled Bangladesh: History and Politics is aimed at gaining and developing specific knowledge in Bangla, with a focus on the domestic and foreign policy of Bangladesh.
Written by Irina Prokofieva and Yulia Kalinina, two Russian specialists in Bangla, the book’s ultimate goal is to help students to attain skills of translating political texts of any difficulty from and to Bangla, added the press note. The book contains exclusively original materials, including the historical speeches by the country’s founding president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other renowned personalities.

These documents let the students adjust to the linguistic features of native speakers, read the release.
Moscow State Institute of International Relations, commonly known as MGIMO University, is an academic institution run by the ministry of foreign affairs of Russia, which is widely considered the most elite university in Russia. Bangla has been being taught at the university for several years.

The publication of Bangladesh: History and Politics by MGIMO indicates rising interest towards Bangladesh and Bangla language in Russia amid strengthening ties between Russia and Bangladesh, the press note continued.

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